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We can accomplish a little on our own. We can accomplish much more working together. It’s important that we work with people who dream of a better Romania, where no child is condemned to poverty and every child has an equal chance to become a fulfilled, kind, well-adjusted adult.

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... mame, copii, studenți, bătrâni, uneori căței, pisoi, toți dezorientați și neștiind încotro să meargă. În acord cu misiunea noastră, Fundația Inimă de Copil nu poate fi indiferentă în fața unui asemenea val imens de suferință.

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Who We Are Heart of a Child Foundation

As simple as it sounds, the most important asset of Heart of a Child is its people. They are the ones who, through their optimistic attitude and passion for change, help to improve the lives of Romania’s children.

The Heart of a Child Foundation is built around the multiplying power of kindness. Whether an action, a word, or a thought, kindness benefits both the giver and the receiver. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, kindness is contagious.

Anna Cristina Burtea, Executive Director
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The Heart of a Child Fundamentals

The fundamental pillars for the activities within the Foundation


We prioritize the education of the children we deal with by giving them equal access to school and a chance for a better future, despite the difficulties and hurdles they face growing up poor in Romania.


To realize our goal of seeing that children are not placed into institutions, we support parents by creating wrap-around services to aid early intervention and quick recovery for at-risk children.

Social Help

Our first large-scale project was “Home Together,” which was funded USAID through the ChildNet program. This project was part of the child protection system reform in Romania.

Saving lives and strengthening families since 1996

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Who we are

Heart of a Child Foundation was established in December 1996 by a small group of friends who wanted to help homeless and HIV positive children. Today, Heart of a Child serves a significant number of children, teenagers, and young adults. We offer a variety of social support services for children and their families. Our purpose is to bring together as many people and communities as possible.

Through Government Decision 451/2016, the Heart of a Child Foundation has been recognized as a public utility organization.

Our Mission

Heart of a Child helps children, parents, and their communities in difficult and at-risk situations with medical, educational, emotional, and economic support. We believe that poverty should not be a barrier to success, and that every child, including those from underprivileged backgrounds, deserve to have hope for a happy childhood and a successful future.

Our Vision

When families prosper, comunities flourish. Here, at Heart of a Child we dream of a Romania where barriers in education, health, emotional well-being as well as participation in civil society activities are overcome, allowing everyone to follow their dreams with the same boldness and hope.

Prietenii inimă de Copil

Shopping City Galați Team

“Through the projects carried out over time in partnership with the Heart of a Child
Foundation, we managed to bring smiles and joy to the disadvantaged families in Galati
County. From the beginning, our purpose with this collaboration was to give vulnerable
children a chance at a better life and to make a positive impact in the local community.
Children need to grow up in a harmonious family environment, in which they feel safe,
understood, guided and supported, along with positive people from whom they can
naturally learn to respect social norms. The Heart of a Child Foundation has shown us
that we share common values and believe that only through responsibility,
perseverance and dedication we can contribute to the development of a healthy society.
We want our involvement to last; to participate in a sustained manner in the
development of the community of which we are a part and to support the solidarity effort
that the Foundation makes through its daily activities.”

Mihai Purcarea, Director General - BRD Asset Management

“Education is one of the most precious values for BRD Asset Management, and joining the Heart of a Child Foundation came naturally to us. We support equal opportunities, access to education for young people and we felt a strong desire to support activities with high impact on their development. We found a reliable partner in the Heart of a Child Foundation and we are glad to know that we were able to contribute to the development of the Counseling and Support Center in Pechea locality.”

Roxana W, Donor

“The Foundation dedication and all the real changes that happened in people lives and
in communities, over the 7 years since I have known them, there were an inspiration to
me and have given me confidence that good can be a profession, not just an abstract

Roxana W, Donor

"I have joined the Heart of a Child world because I love children and one of my friends is
part of the team. I strongly believe they gather the right people."

S.S, parent of a child with disabilities

"From the first moment my child had a good relationship with the therapists, his
evaluation was thorough and the therapy sessions were adapted to his needs. After
three years, they are like family."

S.B, Beneficiary

"TI have been supported by the foundation for four years and for me this meant the
chance to continue my studies. They have supported me through middle school as well
as high school."

I.F, parent

"The staff know exactly what they have to do, I have only praises for them."

Partenerii proiectelor Inimă de copil

Heart of a Child News

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