How can you help?

The Heart of a Child Foundation is committed to helping children coming from the most financially unfavored part of Romania – more precisely, the South-East (the cities of Galati, Braila, Vrancea and Vaslui). For 25 years so far, we have been accompanying them throughout their journey through life: we help them attend school, we provide them medical care, and we make them feel like part of one big family.

However, there’s only so much that we can do on our own. We can only truly change things when working besides people who also dream of a kinder Romania.
There are many ways through which you can help us move mountains.

Donate money

You can choose to support a project you believe in, a child or an entire family. Just once or even monthly.

Become a volunteer

There is a project for everybody, and the time you spend with us will bring you great joy and fulfillment

Become a BENEfactor

Small or big gestures that won’t go in any other category but that make a huge difference

Send an SMS

With just 2 euros on a monthly basis, you can do so much for a child in need

Donate your birthday

It’s actually quite easy. Tell your friends that, instead of gifts, you’d rather have them donate for a cause of your choice this year.

The journey of your donation

Where does it go and how does it impact children’s lives

have a question about making a donation/a sponsorship. Whom can I contact?

One of our colleagues will gladly answer any of your questions about donations or sponsorships.

Call: 0756 076 548 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Where does my donation go?

The donated amount will go to the foundation’s main account. It will be used to support the cause, campaign or project that you opted for. If your donation is generic (not made through the landing page of a specific cause, campaign or project) and neither does it have any details to specify your preferred destination, the money will be distributed towards the most urgent cases.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes. Before you complete an online donation, kindly check the “I want to remain anonymous” box.

How do recurrent donations work?

The amount you specified will be automatically withdrawn from your credit or debit card, with the frequency that you select. To stop a recurring donation, you only need to send us an e-mail at ([email protected]). 

How safe is it to make a donation using my card?

We use Stripe as payment integrator, also known as the safest, widely spread, international payment integrator currently on the market.
Even though Stripe doesn’t require a two-step verification for donations, it doesn’t mean that the payment process is any less safe.
If you have any questions, just write to us at
[email protected]! 

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