What is our impact in the social area?

We generally look at the problems that children and young adults face with a bird’s eye view. We are well aware of the fact that their best chance is to remain within their families, so we make all possible efforts to help the families get over any hardships they are in.

We regularly provide them with packs of basic foods (such as flour, oil, rice), sanitary products and clothing.
Our aim is to help as many children as possible to get accepted by the society they live in.

Take a look at our programs in social services

Host a warm meal from abroad

We know just how important a nutritious meal is in a child’s development. Here at Heart of a Child, we try to cover this aspect as well. Therefore, the 50 children enrolled at our Day Center in Galati and at our Counseling and Support Center in Pechea are provided with a warm meal every day.

Summer Camps

Every summer, the Heart of a Child Foundation organizes summer camps at the mountainside as well as at the seaside. The children take part in activities that stimulate their independence level as well as their creativity, helping them develop confidence in their own strengths.

Support for the children in our programs and their families

Here at Heart of a Child Foundation we see things with a bird’s eye view. The pillars we rely our whole activity on are Education, Health, as well as Social Aid. Our interventions cover as many aspects of life as possible, and they focus on the tailored needs of each family.

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