Heart of a Child Foundation concluded the project ‘My dream is as beautiful as yours’ in February 2024. The project was carried out in partnership with the Orange Foundation.

Over 30 children with special needs participated in more than 400 creative therapy sessions, socialization events, and small creative workshops from May to December 2023 at the Recovery Center in Galați, operated by the Heart of a Child Foundation. Parents, community members, schools, and high schools in Galați (with a special mention for the involvement of teachers and students from Școala Gimnazială nr. 26 Ion Creangă and Colegiul Economic Virgil Madgearu in Galați), along with children and trainers from the ,,Dunărea de Jos” Cultural Center, joined the organized activities. They worked together, laughed, discussed, and enjoyed shared experiences. Through practical exercises, they developed their capacity for empathy, gaining insight into what it feels like to be a child or young person with special needs.

A project worth 10,000 euros

The project “My Dream is as beautiful as yours” was one of the nine national-winning projects implemented with the support of the Orange Foundation within the “Support an NGO” program – 2023 edition. This annual program encourages active participation of company employees in social projects. The total value of the funding provided by the Orange Foundation for this project was 10,000 euros, and this was complemented by the co-financing from the Heart of a Child Foundation through the time and expertise of the specialists involved.

The project’s impact extends beyond the implementation period

Notably, the sustainable changes resulting from the project continue into 2024. These changes are evident in the recovery outcomes of the children who benefited from therapies at the Heart of a Child Recovery Center. Additionally, the project contributed to anti-bullying education and fostered greater openness and empathy toward children and young people with complex educational needs (CES). An extraordinary achievement facilitated by the Orange Foundation’s funding was the acquisition of therapy materials and equipment for vibration, sound, and color stimulation. As a result, the multisensory room at the Recovery Center is now equipped to top standards, making it the most comprehensive sensory room at the local level. With the arrival of warmer weather, the center’s outdoor sensory garden is sure to regain its status as a major attraction for children and parents alike.

Anna Burtea, Executive Director and President of the Heart of a Child Foundation, stated: “The dreams of children with special needs always depend on the chances of recovery and integration that we, as a community and society, provide. The Heart of a Child Foundation has consistently brought actions and projects to the Galați community to support the dreams and rights of children and young people with special needs, as well as other children from disadvantaged families. Our goal is to enable them to lead lives as close to normal as possible and encourage their development through diverse approaches. The funding provided by the Orange Foundation and the involvement of Orange volunteers and community members in Galați have allowed us to once again add a ‘better’ to the lives of these children. These are things we do not accomplish alone; we do them together with our funders, donors, sponsors, and collaborators. We also extend our gratitude to local authorities for their collaboration in these projects aimed at supporting children in need within our community.”

Carmen Chetrone, psychologist, emphasizes: “It is essential to recognize that each child has unique needs, and interventions must be tailored accordingly. Adapting therapy to the individual needs of each child and involving parents in the therapeutic process are crucial for successful outcomes. Additionally, sensory stimulation plays an essential role in the development of children with motor and intellectual disabilities. Activities that engage the senses—such as touch, smell, taste, and hearing—can support cognitive, motor, and social development. The use of sensory rooms can bring multiple benefits to children with motor, auditory, and psychological disabilities. These rooms are specially designed to stimulate the senses and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each child.”

Alina Ivașcu, a volunteer from Orange company, stated: “The project ‘My dream is as beautiful as yours’ has given me the opportunity to contribute to this ongoing process of raising awareness about the importance of equal opportunities. It aims to help shape the dreams of children with disabilities. It was interesting to observe that, although the journey is long and challenging, there is room for development in collective perception. Additionally, disabilities should be viewed just like any other character trait or element that contributes to shaping an individual’s personality, rather than as a discriminatory factor. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this project.

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