Six years ago, he was just a good child, with a lot of potential, but which, due to his financiary circumstances, had an uncertain future in the locality Grivita from Galati. Today, he is a worthy adult, independent, full of ideas and with diversifying dreams day-by-day. Together with The Foundation Heart of a Child, Robert matured beautifully, even more beautiful than we hoped and he thought.

Robert is one of those children that fully justify the mission of The Foundation Heart of a Child. He is now an adult with proper identification, is 20 years old, and his story practically commands us to continue our program A village, a child. It is our program in which he joined when he was in eighth grade, which was a turning point in his life. With the support of the Foundation Heart of a Child, Robert attended the courses of The Economic College, where the new experiences made him change his initial plans.

„I wanted to attend The Economic College despite having a GPA that wouldn’t have permitted me enrolling in other high schools. I wanted there because I was always calculated and sought a school which would offer me as soon as possible a steady job. At high school I found out that the most wanted absolvents from university were the ones from The University of Naval Architecture, so I decided to go in this direction, especially because I was always mathematically inclined”, recounts Robert.

The Foundation Heart of a Child has always been by his side in all the decisions that he took, and now we are proud to announce that Roberts is a second-year student at The University of Naval Architecture. „ It is a difficult university, but also beautiful. Unfortunately, the pandemy obliges us to this day to take online courses, but I still hope that things to resolve as soon as possible.”, says Robert.

He is a student, but he also got a job

Throughout this period, Robert has sought – and the Foundation has consistently supported him in this endeavor – to become an independent person. Last year, the Inimă de Copil (Heart of Child) scholarship helped him to continue his studies in Galați, but already our young student wants more. ’ I am hired, I start working these days, in January. Even if I’m not in the field, the job will help me finish my studies. If it weren’t for the scholarship, I probably would have had to work from the first year, and maybe I wouldn’t have been able to focus so much on school. The college remains at the forefront, but I try to do it on my own’ ,says Robert enthusiastically.

He really wants to work in the field he specializes in.

In 5 years, Robert is already seeing himself in a naval design company, especially since these companies are recruiting their specialists since the third year of college. ’Some companies even give scholarships, and if you work, you’re guaranteed a financially stable job when you finish college’, says Robert.

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