Nothing is more beautiful in this world than some children who feel good! Their bright faces, wide-open smiles, hopeful eyes say more than thousands of carefully crafted words. For the little ones from the Inimă de Copil Foundation, the beginning of June was a dream. In a setting that invites to good cheer, around 130 children, Romanians and Ukrainians, gathered.


It is the biggest party of the year, a manifestation that has become traditional, which takes place around June 1. After two years in which the pandemic limited the proportions of the holiday, this year the number of participants was a record one. And this is because, in addition to the children from the foundation’s usual programs, this year there were also about 80 children of Ukrainian refugees who found shelter in Galați during the war in the neighboring country. Some of them are currently attending the courses of the Day Center for Ukrainian Refugees of the Inimă de Copil Foundation.

Various activities for half a day

The activities were both educational and recreational. The children participated in relays, games, exercised, but also listened to stories, painted and painted themselves on their faces to resemble their favorite characters.

The group of Romanian and Ukrainian volunteers was completed at the party by a group of volunteers from the international association Good Neighbours, from South Korea, present in recent weeks in Galați to provide support in the crisis of Ukrainian refugees.
The party was also attended by two representatives of the employees of the National Administration of the State Mint, who collected donations in the last days and came especially to Galați for this event.
” We managed together to collect basic products, clothes and toys, even sums of money from which we purchased 100 gift cards, so that they meet the needs of each one. Thank you for involving us and allowing us to make happy children who are in great need of peace and tranquility. (Florin Popescu, Head of The State Mint Marketing Department)
“It’s an impressive event, it’s great to see how the Romanians warmly welcomed those who had to leave home. We have been involved in several refugee crises and I can tell you that we have rarely seen the hosts greet the refugees with such warmth. When we think of help for refugees we think first of all about the bare necessities and that is why the idea with the party is extraordinary. Children should also be given fun. Their childhood cannot be replicated”. (Hyunjung Cha, assistent manager Good Neighbours)

“We feel great here, it is a unique opportunity for our children to interact with Romanian children. It’s an opportunity to learn beautiful things about each other and have fun together”. (Katya Kirchyk, Ukrainian volunteer, Inimă de Copil Foundation)

“We are happy to be able to offer all the children this party for their birthday. We are glad that Romanians and Ukrainians are together and they share the joy of childhood”. (Mihaela Chirilă, Social worker Inimă de Copil Foundation)
“It is a unique opportunity for children to enjoy being together in a non-formal space, to use their creativity through the workshops they have participated in, to enjoy the team activities, to develop their team spirit and to fully enjoy a real sunny day”. (Jeni Chirilă, Coordinator of the Day Centers, Inimă de Copil Foundation)
We want to extend a heart-felt THANK YOU for our wonderful sponsors – SERA RomaniaCARE International,  FONPCGood NeighborsHope for Ukraine Power from All FundGlobal Giving, our awesome community and fantastic volunteers. Your generous contribution help us to provide a constant support for ukrainian families living now in Romania. Thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful.
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