It is time for active relaxation for children in the programs of the Heart of a Child Foundation Romania. The end of July and almost the entire month of August meant several camp series in the mountains for over a hundred children: Romanians and Ukrainians.

Năruja is a piece of earthly heaven. It is a small village happily located in the middle of the friendliest mountains we know, the Vrancea Mountains. Wooded ridges melt smoothly into the valley’s twisted rivers with clear water and the sweet murmur of bells, creating a visual landscape and magnificent consonance. It is the place where the laughter of a child receives a superhuman echo and propagates beyond the lively ridges of Vrancea. For us, this place is called Năruja Camp. A place just for ourselves, the children’s place, created over the years with the support of you, of those who support us.

A place without technology: “Niet net” – ”Nothing net”

Camp Năruja is a rustic place where children have the opportunity to return to nature, to enjoy the wildness of the places and the rural mountain beauties of the country. It is the perfect place for hiking on molting ridges and along hurried rivers. It is the place where we play, research, venture, and rediscover our creative spirit through music and painting. Because, as some of the Ukrainian participants said in the first series, here is “niet net!”. That is, for a week we break away from technology, off with the “electronic” mode, and we gladly return to our basic version, the variant ”analog”.

Games, hiking, and adventure

We divided into several series and in this way, we were able to bring Ukrainian children and parents to Năruja, children from the daycare or counseling and support centers in Galați and Pechea village, and those from the scholarship program “One village, One child”. In total, more than 150 children and adults experienced a fun camp, they ran, they smiled, and they felt great. We cooked together, we did sport contests, we went hiking, we organized workshops and we tasted the fullness of almost wild nature.

“The children were surrounded by positive energy. We have made many wonderful memories. You do a very difficult thing, but you make our children smile, feel safe and play quietly. Thank you for your work and for your soul goodness”. (Ljudmila Pintilie, Ukraine)

“We thank the organizers for the wonderful camp and the days spent together! Mountain, air, activities – both children and adults are delighted”. (Maryna Guzenko, Ukraine)

“I liked it in the camp because I made new friends. I liked the activities and that we had a campfire” (Andra)

” It was a lot of fun in the   Năruja   Camp, there were many new things that I did, I loved going to the river. And the food was delicious” (Cristi)  

” Thank you very much for a great holiday not only for the children, but also for the parents! Many thanks to the organizers,   instructors   and chefs!!!” (Natalia Tkachenko, Ukraine)

The camp was funded by IPPAGCARE-SERABetfairGlobal Giving and the Emergency Fund Refugees in Safety, carried out by Fundația Comunitară Galați with the help of Oxfam – „Integration Program for Refugees”.

Thanks a lot to everyone who supported us!

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