The last period was busier than ever. In addition to the usual programs we run, we were the host of the “ENERGY, IDEAS, ACTION, CHANGE” project, funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

Four countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania), 28 people who work with young
people came to Galati to identify together, in workshops, creative solutions in the learning
process for young people. We endeavored (and guests say we succeeded) to develop the skills of those working with young people in using culture and creativity to promote informal learning. The participants organized thematic workshops grouped on countries, visited schools, programs of the organization, and services for people with disabilities, and, in general, together we looked for solutions and answers to questions related to the education of new generations.

It was a unique experience, I learned a lot. Our hosts prepared exemplary, all we had to do was learn and have fun “. (Ece Koksal, Turkey)

”I was impressed that I could learn about so many cultures in one week. It was my first participation in a project of this kind and I would like to repeat the experience “. (Aybike Çelen, Turkey)

“Erasmus programs offer extraordinary opportunities to meet people, professionals, young people from different cultures, different countries, to understand the problems in each country but also the solutions found, collective creativity therefore develops and the mutual benefits are incredible”. (Anna Burtea, CEO of the Heart of Children Foundation)

I love you all, you will always be in my heart. Thanks for everything, keep up what you’re doing! “. (Daniela Velikova, Bulgaria)

The children in our programs finished the school year very well

Ioana (it is a name we chose to protect her identity) is a 12-year-old girl from Pechea, Galaţi, who faces serious vision problems. Despite this health problem, Ioana finished the 5th grade among the first. She had the final average of 9.58 and took second prize. ” She is a very sensitive little girl who really wants to overcome obstacles. She sees how difficult it is for her mother (a person with only 8 grades) to find a job and she wants to do everything possible so she doesn’t encounter the same problems,” explained Simona Dănilă, instructor at the Pechea Center.

Ioana is one of the 162 children from our educational programs who successfully graduated from this year’s school courses. In total, we supported 166 children, which means that the pass percentage is almost 98 percent. Even though it was a very difficult year, with multiple challenges caused by the final stages of the pandemic, the children managed to achieve positive results at school.

Great fun at the Zoo

And we cannot end this news without telling you about an unforgettable day for about 100 Romanian and Ukrainian children at the Zoo in Gârboavele. What a run, what laughter, what excitement, what joy for children to see the animals at the zoo! We also had a picnic there and the kids felt like they were in heaven! We also had a cake, because in the last few days we had a lot of people celebrating.

“The kids were excited! Great day! We had only positive emotions, and for us, this is more important than ever. Thank you for everything!”. (Nina, mother of a Ukrainian child)

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