The first event in the Career Day project caused a surge of enthusiasm among the children from the Inima de Copil Foundation.

Gymnasium students from the Day Center in Galați together with the Ukrainian children from the organization’s Community Refugee Resource Center roared happily on the impeccable grass of the football pitch at the Otelul Stadium. And they also got the best advice, related to a professional athlete career, from two players of Oţelul Galați – George Cîrjan and Yevhen Bokhashvili.

“Work for your dream!”

The two athletes showed maturity and emphasized that a sports career means a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. ” Without work you don’t get anything. Talent means nothing if you don’t develop your talent through work. You have to train two – three times a day, practice to the point of exhaustion and do your best. If  you follow these steps, eventually the rewards will come”, said George Cîrjan to the children. “It takes efforts, it takes self-organization, you need to have good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. That’s the only way to achieve good performance in sport,” added Yevhen Bokhashvili.

A great day, ended with a wonderful gesture

After the match the children visited the conference room and the room where the trophies obtained by Oţelul Galați are displayed. The children posed with the cups in the club’s showcase and received autographs from the players on everything they had at hand: on shirts, on leggings, on football boots and even on hands. “My first football tattoo,” joked one of the boys after receiving the signatures of those two footballers right on his arm. After an effervescent dialogue with the children, George Cîrjan made a wonderful gesture. He ordered pizza for everyone, in memory of his grandfather, the one who greatly encouraged him when he was a child.

”It’s very nice, I hope there will be as many such actions as possible because it’s a great joy for children to come to the football pitch and play with professional players. This is where we all get along because the language of football is universal.”  (George Cîrjan, a professional sportsman)

If we talk about sports, about teams, it’s very good for the kids to come and play. In the context of  war, Ukrainian children do not have access here to all the sports clubs in their daily lives, and such actions are welcome for them.”  (Yevhen Bokhashvili, a professional sportsman)

I loved this day, I liked playing football, being with  my team. The gifts were very beautiful!”. (Alexandra, Day Care Center)

“I liked the match, the trophies, and the fact that I got autographs. But most of all I liked the score”. (Mihaela, Day Care Center) 

“I was very glad to see my child smiling happily. It was a great experience; I hope to have this kind of activity again in the future. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event”. (Katia, mother of a child at the Refugee Resource Center)

A project for the future of children

Career Day is a project through which the children in our programs, especially those who frequently attend our day care centers, will have direct access to essential information and events to discover their vocation. Career Day will run on several weeks and involves meetings with professionals from different fields, participation in practical workshops. We want these activities to be as diverse as possible to arouse children’s interest and curiosity for the trades they can choose for their future.

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