For the past 5-6 years, there has been a tradition of hosting teams of French scouts during the summer who wish to volunteer in social projects. They are incredibly humble and do everything they can to offer their assistance.

7 French volunteers with hearts of gold have become friends with our Romanian day-center children, as well as with the Ukrainian children. All of them are students who spent over a year preparing for this trip and gathering the necessary funds. Their efforts have not been in vain. Since their arrival, the French language has become a tool for communication and friendship. The interactive lessons they’ve conducted have brought numerous smiles and much enthusiasm. The children have learned without even realizing it. They’ve overcome their shyness, attempting to use every English and French word they know, communicating through any means available to them, and gaining a wealth of information about France.

Two days were dedicated to intense yet practical and useful physical activities. The volunteers also made a significant contribution to reorganizing the Foundation’s Recovery Center. Together with other volunteers and staff from the Foundation, they painted and redecorated the sensory garden, which will greatly enhance the recovery process for children with disabilities.

Merci beaucoup, Jeanne, Julie, Laureline, Marie, Ludivine, Anaëlle, Gabriel! 

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