Goodness means doing good. No matter what. Get involved!

Whatever happens, we stand by the children and youth in the poorest areas of the country. They rely on
us to help them get through these difficult times.
31000 +

people supported

27 yrs

of activity

1500 +


Donate 20% of your 2023 tax

You can help us by redirecting 20% of your company’s annual profit/income tax!

You can redirect 20% toward a nonprofit organization until December 31 of the current year. This
money won’t go to the state; instead, it will support the Heart of a Child Foundation financially for the
year 2024.

Send the completed contract to:[email protected].

Donate from your 2022 tax

Under the provisions of Order 1679/2022, you can also redirect funds from the sponsorship fund
remaining from the previous year, as per the balance filed with ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal
Administration). Simply submit form 177 to ANAF by December 25, 2023, and complete a sponsorship
contract with the organization.

Send the completed contract to: [email protected].

Give a special gift for the Holidays!

To donate, click on any of the options below.

80 RON
200 RON

A food package

450 RON

Monthly scholarship

800 RON

Recovery therapies


for other projects

By donating, you consent to the processing of personal data by the Heart of a Child Foundation. For
more details regarding data protection policies, click here. 

Send an SMS to 8844 with the text “DAR”

Send an SMS with the text “DAR” to 8844 worth 2 euros, or donate directly using your card by using the button bellow.

Be the BENEfactor to the children of the Foundation!

Choose one of the options below, as a company

2500 RON
3 therapy passes

for recovery therapy
5000 RON

Annual scholarship for 1 child

7500 RON

Meals for one month for 25 children

10500 RON
Summer camp
for 15 children
For the Foundation’ s projects
Offer heartfelt gifts for Christmas.

Enjoy the treasures from our social workshop.

The products created in our workshop are artisanal, crafted with care and dedication. Furthermore, your
purchases will support our foundation's projects, aiding the children, youth, and families we work with.

Heart of a Child Foundation supports children and youth facing difficult circumstances in the southeastern region of Romania, known as one of the poorest areas in the country (Galați, Brăila, Vrancea, and Vaslui). For 26 years, we’ve stood by them, ensuring access to education, healthcare, and a nurturing environment. Just like you, we believe in the power of kindness and the good it brings, regardless of the circumstances..

We live in times where our mission has become international. The war in Ukraine has brought hundreds
of children from the neighboring country into our region, whom we couldn’t ignore. Confronted with
displacement, uncertainty, fear, isolation, and suffering, we choose to stand and fight. Our weapons are
– hope, trust in individuals, their kindness, and the commitment to assist those around us, never
abandoning them during their most challenging moments.

Here at the foundation, we believe in kindness and in the good that brings positive change, no matter
the circumstances. We are guided by the stories of the children and young people we help, making it our mission to amplify their voices. They are the reason why we are here every day.

Get involved from abroad!

You can still help, even if you live in another country!

Heart of a Child Foundation has many friends beyond borders. People from Europe, the USA, Canada stand by us and carry our message across borders, ensuring it is heard loudly. If you’re away and want to give back to your home country, now is the perfect moment.

Heart of a Child UK

[email protected]

Organizația caritabilă Heart of a Child Galati UK a fost înființată legal în anul 2000, venind ca sprijin pentru Inimă de Copil România, de o comunitate de oameni sufletiști din Newport. De atunci construim împreună!

Heart of a Child Canada

Din 2016, un grup mărinimos din Canada, cu ocazia sărbătorilor de Crăciun, adună fonduri pentru achiziționarea de îmbrăcăminte, încălțăminte și mese calde pentru copiii pe care îi susținem.

Pentru a dona sau a te implica din Canada, poți contacta echipa de acolo, la adresa de e-mail menționată!

Heart of a Child US

[email protected]

Heart of a Child US a fost înființat legal în 2021 de un grup de româno-americani, donatori, prieteni și voluntari. Sunt uniți de dorința de a sprijini copiii din România să își atingă întregul potențial prin educație și acces la oportunități.

Wherever you are, you can make a difference to the well-being of disadvantaged children in Romania!

Vă mulțumesc din suflet că mi-ați luat o mie de griji de pe cap. Înainte de a veni cu băiatul la Fundație, nu știam cum să fac să pun bani deoparte ca să aibă tot ce îi trebuie la școală. De trei ani, nu am mai mai avut grija rechizitelor sau a haine pentru școală. Acum copilul meu are tot ce îi trebuie.

Dumitru, tatăl lui M.

Suntem uimiți de dorința voastră neîncetată de a ne ajuta, ne-ați arătat ce înseamnă iubirea necondiționată. Vă suntem recunoscători pentru tot ce ați făcut în aceste nouă luni. Ne-ați redat speranța de a privi spre viitor şi ne-ați transmis puterea de a ne reclădi viața.

Antonina Ovdiienko

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