Kindness heals. No matter what. Get involved!

No matter what, we are here to support the children and the young people from the poorest areas in the country. 310 children are counting on us to get through the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have offered:


hot meals for the children


recovery therapy sessions


school recovery hours

Heart of a Child Foundation helps children and young people from the poorest area in the country, south-east Romania (Galati, Braila, Vrance and Vaslui). For 25 years, we have been their support in life: to continue their education, to have access at medical care, to feel loved and cared fir within their family. Just like you, we believe in kindness. Kindness heals, no matter what.

We live in confusing times, over-crowded by ideas and noise. In the face of uncertainty, insecurity, fear, isolation, pain, we choose to fight. Our weapons are hope, trust in people, kindness, and the-never-ending desire to help those in need.

Here at the foundation, we believe in kindness, kindness that heals, no matter what. We let ourselves guided by the stories of the children and young people we support, and we make a purpose out of helping them raise their voices. They are the ones for whom we are here every day.

“When I first came here, I remember being ashamed. I was shy, I was afraid. But then I was over it, and I met Alex and Andra and I played with them. Now, after such a long time at the Foundation, I feel really good, I don't know, it is like I was born here.

A, Day Center

"I want my new colleague to be quieter and the pandemic to disappear. My new colleague is a bit naughty. Let more new children come to the foundation. Now I'm one of the oldest here. I know what it was like when I first came here, and now, when new children come, I can help them get to know us faster ."

AL, Day Center

“I want to share my dream with you because you support and encourage me in what I do. When I grow up, I want to become a pediatrician to help children who have health problems.”, says C. “When I grow up, I want to become a veterinarian”, mentions G.

C and G, Day Center

“We are with Heart of a Child Foundation from 2 years and a half. When we first came here, A. wasn’t speaking to anyone, barely with those that she knew. Now she speaks with everybody. I., our youngest girl suffers autism. She was present only in her own world. Now she is more vigilant, more curious to discover new things.”

C Family, Recovery Center

“I cannot say I have always known what to do with my life. However, over the years, noticing my attraction to being around little souls, I’ve realized that what I really want to do is teach them, being a part of those who raise future generations.”

P, Scholarship Program

V. is a very straightforward child. She offers you answers that almost leave you speechless. “I love the smell of cookies. I forgot their name though. Aah, Amandine. I eat so many sweets that I have no teeth left. I also love the smell of tulips, they are so fresh, they remind me of spring.”

V, Day Center

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Send a recurrent 2-euro SMS at 8844 with the keyword “DAR” or donate directly by card, using the “DONATE” button below.

Available only in Romania.

Buy gifts from our social workshop

This Christmas offer presents with a heart. Products manufactured in our social workshop crafted with our hearts and hands. Moreover, your gifts will also support our foundation projects and the 310 children and young people we work with.

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Offer a sponsorship. Redirect 20% from your profit tax!

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Get involved from across the borders!

You can help us from abroad!

Heart of a Child has many international friends as well. People from Europe, USA, Canada are spreading our message across the borders, to be heard as loud as possible. If you want to give back to your country, this is an ideal time.

Heart of a Child UK

The Charity, Heart of a Child Galati UK, was legally founded in the year 2000 to support the work of Inima de Copil in Galati. It was set up by a community of heartfelt people from Newport. Since then, we are building together!

Heart of a Child Italy

Angela is wholehearted person from Italy who found in Heart of a Child a context to spread kindness. She is talking about our work in communities with people just amazing as her from Italy.

If you want to donate or get involved from Italy, send Angela a message!

Heart of a Child Canada

For 6 years, a group in Canada, has been raising funds for the purchase of clothing, footwear and warm meals for the children we support.

If you want to donate or get involved from Canada, send them an e-mail!

Heart of a Child US

Heart of a Child US (HOCUS) was created in 2021 by a group of Romanian-Americans, donors, friends, and volunteers They are united by their desire to support children in Romania to achieve their full potential through education and access to opportunities.

Wherever you are, you can help children from Romania!

Mihai Purcarea, General Director - BRD Asset Management

“Education is one of the most important values for BRD Asset Management. Therefore, supporting Heart of a Child came naturally to us. We are promoting equal chances, education access for youth and we wanted to support activities with a big impact in achieving these. We have found in Heart of a Child a trustworthy partner and we are happy to know that we were able to contribute to developing Counselling and Support Center in Pechea.”

Shopping City Team, Galati

“Through implemented projects with Heart of a Child Foundation, we managed to put a smile on disadvantaged families from Galati County faces.

Since the begging our partnership wanted to offer a chance to a better life for those in need and to bring positive impact in the local community. Children need to grow in a healthy family environment, in which to feel safe, understood, guided, and supported. Heart of a Child Foundation showed us that we share the same values and that we both believe in responsibility, perseverance, and dedication as the only way to help building a healthy society. We wish that our partnership to be a long lasting one. We want to sustainably help at growing the community we are part of, and we want to support the solidarity effort that the foundation is doing.”

Roxana W, donor

“The effort put by the foundation to generate real changes in the communities and in the lives, they are helping, for me is a true inspiration. Thanks to them I believe that kindness can be a profession, not just an abstract concept.”

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