In the month of July, 500 days have already passed since the start of the war in Ukraine. These 500 days have been filled with grief and prayer, as well as moments of both small and great resilience. Hearts, big and small, have suffered and triumphed, emerging stronger with rekindled light and hope.

From the journeys of our donors, sponsors, and our own efforts to assist children, young adults, and refugee mothers, a book titled “Whispers of Hope” has emerged. These individuals have opened their hearts and shared their stories, giving us insight into how the war has impacted their lives. They haven’t just shared their stories; they’ve also added personal illustrations to accompany them.

The stories have offered us an important lesson- the lesson of the courage of taking life onto one’s own hands and continue. They gifted us with their stories as part of their healing journey. We invite you to discover The Whispers of Hope”, which represents the road from suffering to the rediscovery of oneself and, at times, even healing.

We are grateful to all of our sponsors, and donors who made possible all of our actions. You can find all the details in the brochure.

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